Unique charm

In the rooms intensify warm tones such as peach, green, blue and brown, the atmospheric effects of naturally-elegant wood and residential accents. It gives the same gentle tone of colors, fabrics and shapes each room its own unique charm. "A sophisticated residential energy concept uses the power of space. The balanced feel-good atmosphere is responsible for the harmonization of man with his environment, "says Renate Brune.

In detail, the live guests on Gut Klostermuehle in traditional fisherman's house, "in both residential homes" fountain house "and" House de Bruyn, in the Estate and in the monastery mill. Investor Walter Brune: "Nowhere on our site history and the present fit so well with each other as in the monastery mill."

Even guests who are very set on individuality, makes Gut Klostermuehle an offer - extremely cottages and apartments in the middle of the forest on Madlitzer lake. The Sweden House and the Finnhaus were partly historic, wood and natural materials restored or rebuilt. They are equipped with great attention to detail as well as Scandinavian-elegant or noble in the country-style furniture and assure relaxation and recreation.

A total of four apartments with living areas from 55 to 120 square meters, up from 3 days booked. All apartments are exclusively equipped and comfortable and suitable for 2-6 persons. The homes in the forest with the adjacent stables are on their immediate situation especially for horse riding lovers equally exciting as a relaxing holiday.



Gut Klostermuehle
Phone 0049 33607-59 29-0
E-mail: info@gutklostermuehle.com


Gut Klostermühle

Tel.: 033607-59 29-0
eMail: info@gutklostermuehle.com